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Electroninvest Ltd.
    Electroninvest Ltd. was established in December 1994. For the 10 years of its existence the company made its reputation as one of the leading Bulgarian market supplier of electronic and electrical components and modules. The main business activities of Electroninvest Ltd. are as follows:
  • Trading with electronic and electrical components, modules and unions for industrial electronics;
  • Publishing;
  • Measurement devices
  • Advertising;
  • Developing and manufacturing of new components and appliances for CATV;
  • Cable TV Network;
  • Telecommunucation systems and equipment;
  • Developing and trading with software.

Electroninvest Ltd. has four shops in Sofia City center, one in Vidin, one in Pleven and one in Plovdiv. At the beginning of 2000 Electroninvest Ltd. established Affiliate Company in Macedonia and opened a shop in Skopje city, which is the Macedonian capital. The company has 32 employees, as 21 are engineers.

The trade with electronic products has the following main directions:
  • Transistors and integrated circuits - we have in stock about 10 000 positions from leading world manufacturers;

  • Measurement devices - oscilloscopes, generators, multimeters, spectrum analyzers from Hameg instruments - Germany, Anritsu - Japan, Mastech - Hong Kong, GW instek America Corp., Wens- Korea .

  • Remote Controls - our company is exclusive distributor of the leading Italian company Visa Electronics for Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia. We keep in stock all their goods that allow the substitution of the original remote controls for about 20000 types of TV sets, videocassette players & recorders, satellite receivers and audio outfit. Also we import remote controls from China and Taiwan and at our rough esteem /as there is no official statistics/ we hold about 10 - 15% of the remote controls market in Bulgaria.

  • FBT & Tripplers -We are exclusive representatives of the Swiss company TSL Halbleiter AG and we keep in stock its FBT production of about 1000 types.

  • Tools - Electroninvest Ltd. is the exclusive distributor for Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia of Piergiakomi - Italy. We import all the tools of the Taiwan company ProKits Industries - about 320 positions including screw-drivers, pliers, pincers, copper-bits, pumps, soldering irons & stations and other tools for electronics;

  • LCD modules and displays - JHD - Hong Kong, Bolymin - Hong Kong. We keep on stock all types of graphic and matrix displays;

  • RF components - import from Aurel - Italy, from Mini Circuits - USA and all Russian special high-frequency transistors;

  • Vacuum Tubes for the aviation and the army - everything produced in Russia and the countries of the C.I.S.;

  • Boxes and enclosures with industrial implementation - from ROSE - Germany, TEKO - Italy, Italtronic - Italy, RETEX - Spain, BOPLA Gehause Systeme -Germany;

  • 19" racks from BOPLA - Germany and RETEX - Spain;

  • Boxes for components - produced by MARS Trading Company from Czech Republic;

  • Electrical components for industrial and home use.

Electroninvest Ltd. publishes its own magazine - "Electron Digest". The magazine is distributed via own distributing network in the whole country, in Macedonia and in Serbia. The magazine is published for 9 years already and holds the largest circulation in its field - 2000 copies.

Our company is the owner of a cable TV in one of the Sofia districts. A new direction is the development of measurement devices - spectral analyzers for CATV together with various types of amplifiers and components for cable TV.

For two years we have been developing software products - we have implemented applied storing and accounting products, simplifying our trade activities.
Concerning our market share - unfortunately there is no official statistics in Bulgaria so far.


Sofia, Bulgaria
IBAN: BG47PRCB92301000161310 - BGN
IBAN: BG80PRCB92301100161314 - USD
IBAN: BG88PRCB92301400161315 - EUR

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